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Luis shares his heart, energy, and passion for recognizing the amazing life we can have when Jesus is the center. This album features the powerhouse ballads, “I'd Rather Have Jesus” and “The Anchor Holds.” It also features the high-energy tracks, “Sound of Your Kingdom” and “I’m Forgiven.” Sound of Your Kingdom is an album of victory and encouragement. It’s so easy to get caught up in the negative of this life and we don’t notice the amazing things that God has done or will do for us. Once we realize how amazing God is and how he never lets us go, we begin to hear the sound of joy, happiness, comfort, and love in our lives. When you place these all together, you hear the sound of His amazing kingdom.


Album Tracks 

1. I’m Forgiven

2. I’d Rather Have Jesus

3. My Heart Sings For You // Mi Corazón Te Canta

4. Sound of Your Kingdom

5. Let Them See You

6. Beauty for Ashes

7. Heaven

8. Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)

9. Lord, I Believe in You

10. The Anchor Holds



Sound of Your Kingdom [CD]

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