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Mary Wilson of the Supremes

Recording Artist & Author

"Luis is very talented. His voice and his style is the best."

Elder Leslie Louis

President of Carolina Conference of SDA


"I am pleased to recognize and affirm the wonderful voice of Luis La Porte dedicated to praising his Lord. He has truly reached hearts with songs that touch the chords of sensitivity and responsiveness after my presentation of a message designed to awaken decisions for Christ. His music reflects the passion and sincerity of his soul. With the recording of his first album, I rejoice by celebrating the effort and work that God has done in and through his ministry."

Crystal Lewis

Recording Artist


"I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Luis both through one-on-one Skype sessions as well as in person! I've had the privilege of hearing him sing in person and I have to say his passion and joy are infectious! His smile and energy convey the light in his heart, and his voice fills the room with actual gladness!"

Natasha Perez

Christian Recording Artist


" I have known Luis for the past 4 years and have had the pleasure of seeing his ministry grow and blossom. Each song that Luis presents holds a deep personal testimony for him, which he always shares with the congregations and individuals he endeavors to bless. Luis demonstrates a passion for Christ through his music, but beyond this, his ministry reflects the professionalism and dedication our loving Savior deserves. His ministry is a blessing to many, and I am excited to see where God will lead!"

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